Secure Now 

The simpler alternative to private treaty

Secure Now  is a new feature providing agents with a quick and easy alternative to private treaty sales.

You set the price you would like and we will aim to find you a buyer who will commit to purchasing your property with a non-refundable deposit. Selecting this sales method you have the option to sell without paying any estate agency commission, unless you are already under contract to another agent, meaning you keep nearly all of your sales proceeds.

Why use Secure Now  compared to standard private treaty sales?

0% Estate Agency commission*

We collect our fees from the buyer meaning that you are free to put your property on the market at the price you want almost completely risk free. (*Unless you are under contract to another agent. See full terms & conditions)

 Set your own asking price

With Secure Now  you set the purchase price but we will of course give you the advice you need to make sure this price is competitive and realistic. This means that you have almost total control over the sale and the peace of mind that your property will not sell for less than you wanted to sell it for.

 Fixed timeframes to plan ahead

Property transactions made through TMS with our partners, Under The Hammer are the most secure on the market thanks to their platform. Thanks to exclusivity deposits to secure the property, they provide a legally-binding agreement between buyers and sellers to secure the property transaction for everyone.

 Secured property transactions

After a property is secured and an exclusivity deposit is paid by the buyer, exchange is fixed to occur within 28 days and completion within 28 days after that (unless otherwise agreed) giving you the peace of mind to move forward. At this point the sale becomes secure and binding to both the buyer and seller. If you, as the seller, fail to meet these timescales you will have to cover the cost of the fees and “Secure Now” deposit paid by your buyer, the administration costs incurred by our partner agent and any other related costs incurred by your buyer. Full terms and conditions available on request.

Selling via Secure Now  in 5 simple steps

  1. The property is listed online as a Secure Now  property with the price you wish to achieve.
  2. When a buyer wishes to secure the property, they will click the Secure Now  button to start the transaction.
  3. The buyer will then be asked to pay an exclusivity deposit of up to 1.75% of the sale price (minimum £2250. All fees plus VAT)
  4. Once the exclusivity deposit has been paid the sale is legally-binding and the buyer will have reserved the property
  5. Our partners Under The Hammer will undertake the sales progression with 28 days to exchange and a further 28 days to complete

Here is a comparison of the traditional method of selling via private treaty versus Secure Now 

Private Treaty SalesSecure Now  Sale
Full Legal Pack
Legally Binding Commitment?
Days to Exchange?28
Days to Complete After Exchange?28
Days from Sale to Completion?56
Deposit Required from Buyer0%1.75%
Available to:
( = All worldwide & finance buyers)

Once a sale is agreed you can move forward with financial commitments knowing the buyer cannot withdraw without being in breach of the legally binding agreement to buy from you. You will know your buyer is able and committed to purchasing and that your sale is not dependent on a hundred variables from a lengthy chain that you have no control over.

Welcome to the property revolution!

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